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Lettmann is based in Germany and a leading manufacturers of kayak racing paddles. Be it whitewater slalom, downriver racing, or sprint, whatever the discipline, in the medal ranks you will always find Lettmann Paddles.

We always have a selected range of Lettmann whitewater paddles in stock. If we run out of a particular model we can usually re-order for you within 4 to 6 weeks. Lettmann racing paddles are only available through us directly. For more information or orders please email us

Lettmann paddles are supplied to us as kitset so length and blade offset can be fitted individually with a join in the middle of the shaft. A complete fitting kit is supplied or we can fit the paddle for you. The shafts are ovalised in the hand grip area. Blades have been hydro-dynamically designed, using aviation research results in order to get high performance paddles.

Lettmann offers most of their paddles in two construction types:
LCS 70: Paddles are made of 70% carbon, 10% kevlar and 20% fibre glass, in combination with high quality epoxy resins. This offers unsurpassed stiffness and robustness of blade and shaft. LCS 70 is the top material series of Lettmann.
LCS 50: This is Lettmann's standard quality for carbon paddles. The composition is 50% carbon, 40% fibre glass and 10% sandwich material, all combined with the high quality epoxy resins of the LCS 70 paddles.



Lettmann Multi Wave

New for 2012: The Multi Wave blades have a unique wave pattern across the back and the power face of the blade, increasing stiffness and strength.

Constructed in LCS 50 only, the blades are compression moulded and fitted individually to the shaft.
The shaft has the same ergonomic design as on the flagship Ergonom Pro Extreme paddle (below) but with the blade being closer in line with the shaft axis it is almost a neutral bent shaft.

Multi Wave LCS 50. Length and blade offset to be fitted on order.

RRP: NZ$ 735.00


Lettmann Ergonom Pro Extreme

The Lettmann Ergonom is the "Mother" of all crank shaft paddles; often copied, never matched!
Profiled asymmetrical blades with kevlar in the outer laminate for additional strength and abrasion resistance. LCS 70 construction only.
Whitewater paddlers prefer the Ergonom Pro Extreme with higher Kevlar content.

Also available as LCS 70 Ergonom Pro without the kevlar outer laminate. This model is a fraction lighter and preferred by Slalom racers.

Ergonom Pro (Extreme) LCS 70. Length and blade offset to be fitted on order.

RRP: NZ$ 890.00


For more info on Lettmann and Paddles, click here and email us.

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